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DD817 Radar Picket Fram version
DD 817 1946-1953 DDR 817 1954-1964 DD 817 1964-1981
USS Corry 1946 venive

This is a great Photo of the USS Corry taken in Venice, Italy in 1946, photografer unknown
It was passed from Fred Zakrocki to his son and then to us for the web site.

The above photo is 500 pixels wide, select here for a 1000 pixel wide copy and here for a full size of the original, Its big.

Refuling at sea Refuling at sea
Refuling at sea Refuling at sea
Refueling at sea in 1952, from the USS Baltimore CA 68 Photos taken and submitted by George Panos, Carlsbad CA

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USS Corry DD-817  Coat of Arms
Courtesy CAPT. G.F. Swainson, USN
thru the US Naval Historical Foundation,
Washington Navy Yard, Wash. D.C.
USS Corry DDR-817 Coat of Arms
Courtesy Chic Sales, Asheville, NC
picture taken from USN CPO Club, Mayport, FL
Spring of 1999
patch patch
USS Corry DDR-817  Patch
Courtesy Ted Cabo
Served aboard the USS Corry DDR 817 from 1956 to 1958 as an EM2